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Ultimate OfferToro Review – Legit or Scam? (Insider Look) 

Interested in generating income with OfferToro? Read this detailed review of the platform to discover what you should know to determine if it works for you.
HQ Borehamwood, Hertford, United Kingdom.
The founding year 2012
Min payout $150 for publishers 
Customer support Yes via email (
Price Free (no in-app purchases)
Active Users 5M+

Pros and Cons



One of the oldest CPA networks.

High minimum withdrawal limit of $150 for publishers.

Timely monthly payments.

It prohibits the use of proxies and VPNs.

It provides detailed statistics and reports on the publisher’s dashboard. 

It doesn’t approve all publisher account applications!

Fraud prevention tools. 

Limited customer support methods. 

OfferToro in a Nutshell


OfferToro in a Nutshell

When it comes to turning traffic into revenue, OfferToro is a company that you should know about. Founded in 2012, this Hertford-based company is one of the oldest CPA networks that allows publishers to monetize their apps and sites through innovative monetization tools. 

OfferToro’s monetization tools include offerwalls, rewarded videos, interstitial ads, surveys, etc. Users of the apps or sites don’t just help the publishers generate revenue. Instead, it’s a win-win situation. They are rewarded for completing offers from various advertisers. These offers take many forms, such as watching videos, completing surveys, downloading apps, playing limited-time games, etc.

This detailed OfferToro review covers everything you may need to know about the platform. Let’s get started.

OfferToro Account Types and Registration

OfferToro Account Types and Registration


Who is OfferToro meant for? OfferToro has three primary players and, thus, three different types of accounts:

  1. Publisher account
  2. User account
  3. Advertiser account
OfferToro Publisher Account

A publisher account is designed for anyone who wishes to monetize their app or site traffic. There are no special requirements for becoming a publisher with OfferToro, but the company reserves the right to reject or approve applications. Below are the details that OfferToro requires for anyone to sign up as a publisher:

  • Company, website, or app name 
  • Contact person
  • Email address 
  • Country 
  • Instant manager (Skype or discord)
  • Phone
  • Website link
  • Brief description about your business and traffic 
OfferToro User Account

A user account is intended for anyone who wants to make money online by engaging with various brands and in various ways, such as watching video ads, answering surveys, and so on. However, you cannot create this type of account directly on the OfferToro platform. Users must use a publisher site or app to access OfferToro’s offers. 

However, if a user needs assistance, for example, if they have encountered a problem or have not received credit for a completed task, they can contact OfferToro directly through email. Alternatively, they can seek help by going to OfferToro’s website and submitting the following:

  • Name
  • Email 
  • Subject
  • Message
OfferToro Advertiser Account

Brands that wish to promote a product, website, or app should create an advertiser account. Its website shows OfferToro has a reputation for high-quality traffic with 1M+ monthly conversions. Here are the details required to register for an Advertiser account:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Company


OfferToro Safety Review

OfferToro has a well-functioning website and provides great services to publishers, advertisers, and users.

According to its documentation, OfferToro doesn’t accept all advertiser account registrations and offers. It carefully vets and selects offers and advertisers so that publishers can rest assured that their users are engaging with trustworthy brands. OfferToro also utilizes anti-fraud tools to ensure that advertisers receive genuine and high-quality conversions only. 

With such measures in place and a track record of advertising and monetization dating back to 2012, it’s easy to conclude that OfferToro is here to stay.

Types of Offers on OfferToro

OfferToro offers several ways for users to collect points (virtual currency) that can be converted to cash, including

  1. One-click offers
  2. Rewarded videos
  3. Mobile Apps
  4. Surveys
  5. Newest offers
OfferToro One-click Offers 

There are different ways to collect points under one-click offers. These offers include actions like printing coupons to earn virtual currency and signing up for a website.

OfferToro Rewarded Videos Offers

Rewarded videos are full-screen video ads. These videos cannot be skipped after a few seconds.  Users must watch them in full-screen mode for about 15-30 seconds to receive an in-app reward. These offers are common in video game apps where users get in-app rewards that help them complete a level faster.

Rewarded videos benefit all three parties involved: advertisers, publishers, and users. Advertisers get more engagement, publishers generate more revenue, and users get rewards. Because these are more intrusive ads, users must opt-in to be rewarded for watching them.

OfferToro Mobile Apps Offers

Under mobile apps, OfferToro caters to both Android and iOS users. The activities under mobile apps vary. In some instances, a user is required to download, install, and open the app to earn rewards. There are also apps that the user needs to download, open, and play games up to a certain level to earn points (money). For others, users are required to install an app and make a purchase within the app to get paid.

OfferToro Surveys

Most people who have tried to make money online are familiar with surveys, which OfferToro also offers. The top survey providers on the platform include Opinion Bull, Inbox Pays, Survey Time WW, Easy Poll, Speak Up Survey, Your Surveys, and My Thoughts Counts.

Surveys have specific requirements because they are designed to collect specific data. As a result, most users may not have regular access to surveys.

Newest Offers

Under the newest offers, users can participate in the most recent OfferToro offers. This is the space where any new and random offers appear.


Available Services and Monetization Tools for Publishers

The core business for OfferToro is their OfferWall. But, it also provides several monetization tools for publishers who have some traffic. These monetization tools include: 

  • Rewarded video
  • API
  • Interstitials
  • Surveys SDK
  • Stand-alone offers
OfferToro’s Statistics and reporting features

OfferToro provides detailed statistics for publisher accounts. Publishers can take advantage of the reports to improve the performance of their accounts. The statistics are available on the publisher’s OfferToro dashboard. Some of the notable statistics and reports include

  • Best converting countries, offers, and tools.
  • Clicks: This column shows the number of users who clicked on an offer but didn’t follow the instructions till the end.
  • Conversions: It’s the column that indicates the number of users who opened a task and followed the instructions till the end.
  • Conversion rate (CR): It’s the percentage of users who completed the offers compared to the total number of clicks.


From the dashboard, publishers can also see the amount of commission received over any period of time. If utilized well, the data can help publishers create strategies that boost the performance of their accounts.


OfferToro Withdrawals

For publishers, payments are made once a month on a net-30 base. They can cash out via Paypal or a Bank transfer. However, the minimum amount a publisher can withdraw with these payment methods is $150.

OfferToro Chargebacks

Publishers can experience chargebacks on commissions with OfferToro. This happens when fraud activities take place in a publisher’s app or site. In case of repeated or severe cases, OfferToro can suspend or even ban the particular publisher’s account without notice. So publishers need to ensure users do not commit fraud when completing offers. 

OfferToro prohibits the use of proxies, VPNs, and other ways. From the publisher’s dashboard, it’s possible to access users’ data and block those who are engaging in malpractices from using the OfferToro offerwall through the publisher’s app/site. 


OfferToro’s Offer Service Notification

Publishers should always be on top of changes in OfferToro offers as they impact revenue. That is why OfferToro provides the offer service notification. It’s as simple as subscribing to email notifications for offer changes which generally include:

  • Paused offers
  • Reactivated offers
  • Changed offer payout
  • Changed offer caps


Publishers can subscribe in these simple steps:

  1. Go to the ‘Offers Gallery.’ 
  2. Select ‘App Placement.’
  3. Check the list of available offers.
  4. Select the box next to the offers you want to subscribe to.
  5. Unselect the tick boxes next to offers you wish to unsubscribe from.


These notifications will be sent to the email which the publisher used to login to the OfferToro unless the settings are changed under ‘Account Information’.


OfferToro Postback Notifications

Another type of notification feature available on OfferToro is the post back notification. Such types of notification are sent to a publisher as a sign of user conversion. These notifications contain information that help publishers reward users who have completed offers as required.


OfferToro App promos

OfferToro provides tools to help make monetization easy for publishers.  The  App Promo feature, for instance, helps promote the publisher app or site by increasing the amount of rewards that users see. While such promos and adjustments are temporary, they have the potential of increasing conversion rates. If a publisher has noted the top converting countries from the account statistics, it’s a good idea to direct the offers to such countries. 

To access the app promo features, publishers need to go to:

  1. Login to the publisher account.
  2. Go to the Overview section.
  3. Select App.
  4. Click app promo.



Another great feature that can boost account performance is OfferToro’s offer promos. In this section, publishers can promote any offer they think has the potential to drive conversions. Again the statistics come in handy here because publishers can promote the offers with a higher possibility of increasing conversions. 

To use offer promos, publishers can add a promo visual badge to the offer, increase the offer rewards, or even both. Just the app promo, offer promos are temporary, and a publisher needs to set the exact promotion running duration. 

Here’s how to access the offer promo features:

  1. Visit the ‘Offers Gallery’ from the dashboard.
  2. Pick the appropriate app.
  3. Select the offer you wish to promote to open the specific offer page.
  4. Hit the Change” button.
  5. Update all the necessary information (especially the promo starting and ending dates, new offer rewards, and old offer rewards)
  6. Click ‘Save’ once done.

OfferToro Customer Support

Anyone who has an issue, question, or requires any help related to the offerwall or the services provided by the company can contact OfferToro’s customer support by sending an email to the following address:


Our Final Thoughts on OfferToro

There is usually some skepticism with monetization and advertising networks, but OfferToro has built trust among its partners with a somewhat positive track record since 2012.

Users and publishers won’t get rich by using OfferToro but will undoubtedly receive rewards and commissions if they operate within the company’s terms and conditions. 

While the company has great potential, there are areas that it needs to address. These areas include providing more transparency on reasons why some users’ completed offers are not accepted, making frequent withdrawals possible, and possibly lowering the minimum cashing out threshold. 



What is OfferToro com?

OfferToro is a platform for app and site owners to monetize their traffic while their users earn rewards in turn, and brands get engagement/conversions. 

The company has been in the monetization and advertising field since 2012. It is primarily known for its offerwall but also offers a number of monetization tools such as rewarded video, API, interstitials, surveys SDK, and stand-alone offers.


Where is OfferToro located?

OfferToro headquarters are based in Borehamwood, Hertford, United Kingdom.


How can I contact OfferToro?

Publishers and advertisers can contact the company’s support team via the links in their accounts. 

If that option doesn’t suffice, you can email the company’s support team directly at


What is OfferToro’s offerwall?

Generally, offerwalls are reserved places inside apps that host a list of in-app ads. They help create revenue for publishers while helping their users earn great rewards. This, in turn, helps the brands that offer the ads to boost their engagement and even conversions.

OfferToro offers both mobile-based and desktop-based offerwalls. 


Is OfferToro a good monetization company?

From their long history in the advertising and monetization field going back to 2012 and customer ratings, OfferToro does seem like an excellent company to create a revenue stream with.


Why did I get an OfferToro chargeback on my commission?

Publishers bear the burden of preventing fraud in their apps or sites. If fraud related to completing offers happens, OfferToro can charge back the commissions on the implicated offers or, at times, even ban the publisher’s account.


Why does OfferToro withhold payments?

OfferToro thoroughly vets publishers’ traffic sources every day. If there are blatant fraudulent activities, the publisher account is banned permanently. In such a case, OfferToro withholds the earnings from the fraudulent conversions.


Is OfferToro a scam, or is it legit?

From their long history in the field and our review, OfferToro is legit, and OfferToro is not a scam.

However, everyone using the platform (publishers, users, and advertisers) should follow the terms and conditions of the company to avoid complicated issues like charge-backs and unapproved tasks. 


How long does it take to withdraw from OfferToro?

OfferToro’s website and documentation don’t reveal the amount of time it takes to process withdrawal requests. The accepted withdrawal methods are Paypal and Bank transfers.


What is the minimum payout for OfferToro?

The minimum payout for OfferToro publishers is $150 for Paypal and Bank transfers. The payments are processed once a month on a net-30 basis.


What types of accounts are available on OfferToro?

OfferToro offers three types of accounts:

  1. Publishers account for those who want to monetize their app or site traffic.
  2. Users account for anyone who wants to make money online by completing small and varied tasks. This type of account is created on one or more of OfferToro’s partner websites or apps. 
  3. Advertisers account for anyone who wants to market their brand. 
How do I get approved as a publisher on OfferToro? 

There is no sure way to have a publisher account approved on OfferToro. However, ensuring that the app or site you’re submitting for monetization matches at least some offers available on OfferToro can increase your chances of approval. It’s also a good idea to make sure the app or site is neat. 


What should I do if I do not get my reward?

If you are using one of OfferToro’s partner websites or apps and fail to get your rewards after completing an offer, you should file a missing credit request. To do that, you’ll need to:

  • Click the offer’s “Missing Credits?” option
  • Follow the prompts on your screen. 

Once you submit your missing credit request, OfferToro’s support team will check the problem. Ensure the email address you submit is correct, as OfferToro will use it to get back to you in case of updates on your request or if they need more information from you. 


Does OfferToro assess and remit my taxes?

No, OfferToro doesn’t determine if your commission is subject to taxation. It’s every publisher’s role to report and remit their taxes on the earnings to the proper tax authority.


Can OfferToro terminate your publisher account, and will they pay you?

Yes, OfferToro can end the partnership with any publisher with or without notice. In the event of such a situation, OfferToro will pay any legitimate earnings not paid at the time of termination. However, if the termination is due to blatant fraudulent activities, OfferToro will never pay any amount to the publisher.


How does OfferToro work?

OfferToro works as a monetization and advertising network. It accepts well-vetted advertiser accounts and their offers. These offers are made available to publishers who have an audience and want to monetize it. In turn, users complete the offers in exchange for rewards. Whenever a user completes an offer, the user gets a reward, and the publisher receives a commission.


How Do You Earn Money With OfferToro?

You can earn money with OfferToro as a publisher or as a user. Making money as a publisher means you’ll need to monetize your app or site and get paid commissions monthly. As a publisher, you get paid commissions for legitimate and complete offers completed by your users. 

Earning as a user requires using one of OfferToro’s partners/publishers. You can’t create an account directly with OfferToro. As a user, you’ll get paid in virtual currency or points, which can be converted to real cash after completing successful offers.


What’s the average publisher revenue on OfferToro?

While it’s a good idea to know the amount of income you can possibly make on OfferToro, remember that there are various factors that determine a publisher’s revenue. Such factors include

  • Effectiveness of the app and the offer promos utilized by the publisher
  • Conversion rates.
  • Publishers profit margin.
  • Publisher’s traffic. 
  • Location.


Unfortunately, there are no clear stats out here on the average publisher’s revenue on OfferToro.


How can I make money as a publisher on OfferToro?

The primary way to make money as a publisher on OfferToro is to monetize your traffic through the offerwall. This way, you’ll make money whenever your users complete offers in OfferToro’s offerwall as required. 

You can also learn to utilize the app promos and offer promos to help you increase your conversion rates. If your app or site allows, you can attempt the other monetization tools provided by OfferToro.


What monetization tools does OfferToro provide?

OfferToro’s primary monetization tool is its offerwall. However, the list keeps expanding and includes:

  • Mobile offerwall
  • Desktop offerwalls 
  • Rewarded video 
  • Interstitial ads
  • Surveys 
  • Stand-alone offers

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